13 September 2011


Everything Belian.
= =
This year Belian all better than us. Not exam la of course. (:

Accidentally Stalk it.
Is an accident.
Okay, who cares bout that?

Still remember the big manila card that Belian gave to Cik Azniza on her birthday?
That is Wei Jan's Idea!!

1stly they made a small one.
But Wei Jan think is not sincere enough so they get the big one.


Hate belian.

Even the teachers prefer belian than batai.

You know what?

My bro found a dompet in his school.
He was wondering and wanted to give it back to its owner.
But, when he oppened up, nothing except for some wasted papers, a photo(you will laugh when you see it. Is really funny!), and a Library card(the library card should be exp 4 a looong time ago d...)

I wonder how old is this person.

Is a GUY.
i mean, yeah.
with a weird name, tan kean long.
Okay, i gonna go stalk this guy.
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