18 September 2011

Am i jeolous?

Everything good goes to you, but what about me?
『It isn't a good thing to share』

What ever I'd done, also cannot replace one's smile.
I, trying to be good; trying to do everything best; and not to waste your money,
But the one, doing things half way; wasting time to play games and coms; and buying useless things all the time,
Can get everything, better than me.

What's going on?

I am jeolous? no way.
I am just felt that this is really unfair to me.
I pretending, a fake smile, to you. Telling you, that i am fine.

You smilling and laughing, but me hiding myself behind, in a corner, shadding down, tears.
What a joke isn't it? Huh?

Thinking negatively.
Thats what am i doing right now.

What had i though, is all for you, you guys.

Hangging uo fake smile, is so tiring.
I hope somedays, i won't need a fake smile.. (:
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