27 August 2011


You are really a good friend for me.
Thankyou for trusting me.
I appreciate that.

I had gain more friends, through you.
You know, i am not a good speaker.
I don't usually know how to make new friends.
Friends are always came to me before i started to knew them.

I can see that, you are not as happy as before.
Even tough you keep on smiling infront of everyone.
Your heart is torn.
I wonder who did that?

My six sense is weak nowadays.

I trust people how they felt by words.
Words they wrote.
You can feel it.
Six sense of girls are always better than guys.

Good Friend.
Close Friend.
Best Friend.

I don't know how you rate me.
But i don't care.
The more important is, how i rate you.

Rate people in a higher level, you might can be happier.

Don't compare with the best-est.

You will find out, others are care about you, even tough they might not the same as the one before.
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