05 August 2011


Another year had gone? i think..
AGM again... -.-

damn boring..
not surprise that zhi wei become our naib pengerusi.
Hope he wouldn't torture us in the future... XD
Kind of surprise.., that Wei Jan get a post.
Anyway, congratulations to all of you. :D

Kinda.. erm,..
Not sad, is just... erm, didn't get a post.
I am not really wish to get a post but.. is like, erm...
no words can describe the feelings.
But i really have 20% wish to get a post..

Fine. Never mind.
Next year, gonna be a really normal year to me.
Gambateh for PMR next year!! :D
Is seems to be like so far, but yet i need to prepare earlier. :/

Thats what i need to do start from now. (:
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