27 May 2011

Teacher's Day; Favourite Day

Our celebration for teacher's day.
and is my favourite day.
Cause the teacher woulnt get mad or angry with us if we didn't obey the school rules. :D
Damn, i didn't bring my camera. ):
I bring my phone, but demi didn't.
She scared she text until crazy.
But i thought she already crazy bout texting? O.o
The performance is so awesome!
Justin Yap, Ian Kay, Aaron Wong, Rachel Low... and so on.
they are so freaking awesome!
shouting and screaming. XD
But no one realize, becuase everyone doing the same thing! :D
and yeah.
The Ketua Pengawas so damn awesome.
i realize that i met him before, in the library, asking a 2010 Nostalgia from me. XD
and yeah, shi qing bought present for teacher, pn tan.
sry cik cho. XP
so sorry.
shi qing, better remind me how much isit, i gonna pay you. ;)
and and, demi keep on asking about some one.
demi, the thing i gonna tell you is, not only he think too far, me too. XD
and i almost forgotten, Lai Wei Jan, i hate you for being so tall.:P
i am short enough but standing besides you i look even shorter... T^T
i think i gonna hate everyone that is taller than me now.. XD
and and! Solomon so 八卦 la...==
i remembered something!
last year a couple sat beside me during teacher's day.
i met the same thing this year. ;)
so damn sweet lar Yee Jin. ;P
and and and, YONG JING!
see. i am talketive. :P
i got so many things to talk. just that you didn't realize. :P
gonna ask you a question, am i seriously look emo?
Pei Xuan said that, now Yong Jing said that, agian. ==
and and, i got something...
sh*t! what i wanna say edi?!
kay, i remembered. (:
i acctivated my PLURK agian.
my karma drop until 0. T.T
now raise until 6.5 d. keep going! :D
and, demi, put the photos on facebook!! :D
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