14 May 2011

i hate for being treated like this.

Isit that hard?

Is not my fault.
We are same age.
I didn't ever tought that i am your senior.
I didn't.
Maybe i am.
but i didn't ever treat you like that.

I hate be calling as a senior.
Is not good to be a senior.
Altough people respect you,
but you won't be real friend with them.
They won't open their heart cause they tought you as their SENIOR.
i hate this kind of feeling.
Is just you are late doesn't mean that it is a must that me to be your senior.

Oh come on junior.
don't be childish.
We can also be friends what.
Maybe i shouldn't call you like this.

I can't be a leader.
I am not a good senior.
Maybe next time your jawatan will be bigger than me.
thats it!
I know you guys dont really like me.
But what can i do?!
i seriously don't know how to be a good senior.
If i dont give you work, i'll kena marah.
you know. ;)
But if i give you work, you'll hate me.
Thats the problem.
Is seriously so damn hard to be your senior.

Can i dont be your senior?
Just wanna be your friend, thats it!
If i can treat you same level with me, why you cant?
i can be friend with people smaller that me scince primary school.
Why is it so hard in secondary school?
Is nothing wrong.

Please dont be so silly.
Friends can be made in any age.
(i know my sentence wierd...my english sucks!)
But is true isn't it?
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