25 January 2012


Balik from kampung~

I wonder why do people like to act cool when they grow bigger, i mean, yeah. BIGGER. ._.
Did i say something wrong?

Anyway, i mean my cousins.
Cuma same age with me sahaja mah, sangat besar meh? Ceh!
Act like adult. Makes me seems like still a little kid, playing fireworks and fire crackers with the younger ones. T.T

Everytime i jumpa my cousin, i'll wish that i have a hole to jump in. T^T
Macam saya yang berbuat salah, tapi saya tidak buat apa apa pun.

How can people like that? Don't want to talk then at least give people a smile larh, tak peduli people pun.

This year i didn't get much angpao, but i get sick. T^T
Sakit tenggak. Painpainpain.

Nvm, tomorrow go auntie's house, to get more angpao. 

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